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It’s Been A While…

since I last posted here. Between attending a two-day seminar by two of the country's best photographers and volunteering for OpLove, I've been swamped. I hope you'll forgive my long absence. Speaking of OpLove, I thought it was particularly important to post this image. This officer's identity will remain anonymous because he is one of our brave men and women who have been deployed. I have to tell you that this particular session was even more special for me in particular because this is a US Coast Guard officer. I bet not many people know that the Coast Guard is involved in the military activity overseas. Anywho, my husband is also a member of the Coast Guard and I could not have felt more proud and honored at having been given the opportunity to photograph a member of our "family". So without further do, I hope you like this image I've taken. Semper Paratus

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