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I Love Sesame Street

Yes, I said it. I love Sesame Street. I don't remember really getting it when I was little, but as an adult I totally dig it and the message they send to kids. (Ok, an aside here, I realize that back in the day it wasn't exactly a PC type of show , i.e.- Cookie Monster's poor nutritional habits and Oscar the Grouch's poor personal hygiene, but they always had a great message behind all of that.) Case in point is this video with and the Sesame Street characters. What a great message to send to kids to be the best they can be and to be proud of who they are. As a photographer, I am keenly aware of the fact that I am trying to make people look their very best. But in my mind, my goal is to bring out the inner beauty of a person. Anyone can take a picture, seriously. But very few people can truly capture the soul behind a person's eyes. Inner beauty is what it's all about, because beauty fades but character never does. That's what we need to be stressing to our little ones.

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